Understanding and Treating Panic Attacks

Dick’s guest, psychotherapist and author of the award-winning book “Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life” Dr. Michael Edelstein, shares his three minute therapy techniques to manage and overcome panic attacks.

Bonus content: Dr. Edelstein also discusses his three minute therapy techniques for achieving happiness, overcoming social anxiety and dealing with depression.

panic attacks



The daily racial slights, remarks and insulting behavior that “nice people” inflict on African Americans, usually without even knowing it.

Dick’s guests are Everett Mitchell, Director of Community Relations at UW-Madison and Senior Pastor at Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church, Annette Miller, Emerging Markets Community Development Manager at Madison Gas & Electric and past President of the Urban League of Greater Madison and Wes Sparkman, Contract Compliance Office for Dane County and a Commissioner on the Madison Police and Fire Commission.


Encore: Personality Disorders

What may the guilt-free criminal, the extreme narcissist and the functioning paranoid have in common?

Dick’s guests, Dr. Jim McGloin and social worker Lesa Fischer, both of whom have 50 years of combined experience treating personality disorders, provide an outline to understanding this category of mental illness.

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Understanding Ourselves… One Conversation at a Time.