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LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Dick Goldberg

Being LGBTQ+ is likely to have negative impacts on your healthcare. What problems remain in the field of healthcare and the ability of this community to access it? Dick’s guest, Dr. Kathy Oriel, M.D., M.S. is a physician specializing in LGBTQ+ healthcare and is the clinical founder of OUT HEALTH INC. in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Embracing Death

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Dick Goldberg

How can you learn to accept the process of death and dying instead of fearing it? Dick’s guest is Katherine Jansen-Byrkit, Psychotherapist, LPC, MPH and author of River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness.    

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Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Posted on April 8, 2020 by Dick Goldberg

Dick’s guest is Katherine Jansen-Byrkit, Psychotherapist, LPC, MPH and author of River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness.

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Our Broken Healthcare System & How to Fix It

Posted on August 28, 2019 by Dick Goldberg

Dick’s guest Dr. Timothy Harrington, author of two books on healthcare in the United States, offers his take and solutions on repairing our broken healthcare system.    

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Posted on January 16, 2019 by Dick Goldberg

More than 20 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Yet less than 10% believe they need treatment. How can the other 90% be convinced they need help? Dick’s guest is Steve Bruno, a recovering addict himself who became a professional interventionist and has done over 500 interventions in the last 17 years.  

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Chronic Pain Control Using Your Mind

Posted on January 3, 2018 by Liz Dederich

Nearly 1/3 of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Most turn to pain medications, which can lead to unpleasant side effects and/or addiction. Strategies using your mind can be very effective at reducing the suffering that accompanies chronic pain. Dick’s guest is Dr. Tamar Kelson, Senior Psychologist at  University Health Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Binge Drinking

Posted on August 2, 2017 by Liz Dederich

Is binge drinking just a college phenomenon? How prevalent is it? Is it just innocent fun? When does it cross the line from fun to danger? Dick’s guest, Gabrielle Koren, LCSW, SAC shares surprising information on what binge drinking really is and how pervasive it is in our culture.

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Posted on April 26, 2017 by Liz Dederich

Can you do anything to prevent dementia? Are there effective treatments once you are afflicted? Dick’s guest is Dr. Ken Robbins, head of Psychiatric Gerontology at Stoughton Hospital as well as Adjunct Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Medical Marijuana

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Liz Dederich

How helpful is it in alleviating pain and discomfort? For which condition is it best suited to work? What are the risks? Dick’s guest is Dr. Angela Janis, Director of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Counseling and Consultation Center and an advisor to state legislators on medical marijuana laws and legislation.

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The Heroin Epidemic

Posted on November 5, 2014 by TSC Admin

Why the dramatic increase in use? Who is susceptible? What gets people to turn it around? What treatment works best? Dick’s guest is Dr. Michael Miller, Addiction Psychiatrist, recent President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and Medical Director of the Herrington Recovery Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin.

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Avoiding Mistakes in the Divorce Process

Posted on September 24, 2014 by TSC Admin

Two acclaimed divorce lawyers share classic mistakes clients often make during this emotionally charged process and how to avoid them. Dick’s guests, Allan Koritzinsky and Daphne Webb, both share inclusion on “The Best Divorce Lawyers in America” list as well as a combined 80 years of divorce law experience.

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Long Distance Relationships

Posted on September 10, 2014 by TSC Admin

Why is the number of these types of relationships growing? What are the challenges? What are some of the advantages? Dick’s guest, Margery Wang, having just completed her doctoral dissertation on this subject at The Wright Institute, shares her recent findings. #longdistancerelationships #UWMadison

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Posted on August 27, 2014 by TSC Admin

How important is friendship to your happiness? What is a good friendship? How do you cultivate a healthy friendship network? Dick’s guest, Patricia Clason is an author, lecturer and Director of The Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over 5,000 people have taken her workshops in personal growth and development.

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211: Call for Help

Posted on July 2, 2014 by TSC Admin

211 is nationwide, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is there to help with many of life’s problems that are not immediate emergencies. Dick’s guests are Burlie Williams, Director of 211 in Dane County, Wisconsin and her boss, Kathy Martinson, who shepherded this line from “First Call for Help” to being a part […]

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Retirement Communities

Posted on June 4, 2014 by TSC Admin

What are the benefits and concerns of moving into an independent living retirement community? What is the right age, the right fit and what are the right questions to ask when shopping? Dick’s guest is Tim Conroy, who for five years has been Executive Director of Capitol Lakes, which offers all levels of care to its […]

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