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  1. Closing the Achievement Gap

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    How far behind are kids of color in K through 12? What can be done to close the gap?

    Dick’s guest is Renee Moe, President and CEO of the United Way of Dane County in Madison, Wisconsin. This particular branch innovated a process of inviting all the players to the same table to attack social problems. This process is now typical throughout all United Way agencies across the country.

  2. Eliminating Anger

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    Anger is an emotion experienced by almost everyone and can lead to big trouble. Are we better off eliminating anger from our emotional repertoire? How is that possible to do?

    Dick’s guest, Dr. Michael Edelstein is a long practicing psychotherapist and author of the award-winning book “Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”

  3. Consequential Strangers

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    The quality of our relationships with family and close friends may be the biggest contributor to contentment but how important is the quality of social ties with people not part of the family and close friends group?

    Dick’s guest is award-winning journalist Melinda Blau, who has written several books on the importance of quality relationships including “Consequential Strangers.”



    The daily racial slights, remarks and insulting behavior that “nice people” inflict on African Americans, usually without even knowing it.

    Dick’s guests are Everett Mitchell, Director of Community Relations at UW-Madison and Senior Pastor at Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church, Annette Miller, Emerging Markets Community Development Manager at Madison Gas & Electric and past President of the Urban League of Greater Madison and Wes Sparkman, Contract Compliance Office for Dane County and a Commissioner on the Madison Police and Fire Commission.

  5. Encore: Personality Disorders

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    What may the guilt-free criminal, the extreme narcissist and the functioning paranoid have in common?

    Dick’s guests, Dr. Jim McGloin and social worker Lesa Fischer, both of whom have 50 years of combined experience treating personality disorders, provide an outline to understanding this category of mental illness.

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  6. Autism 101

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    How common is Autism Spectrum Disorder? How is it viewed and treated differently than in the past?

    Dick’s guest is Dr. Sarah Lechago, who is an Assistant Professor in the General Psychology and Behavior Analysis masters’ programs at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and is also developing a Language Developmental Clinic that will be affiliated with UHCLO’S Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CADD).


  7. Hospital Psychiatric Units

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    Who are the patients that are treated in psychiatric units? How do they get there? How are they served?

    Dick’s guests are Dr. Matthew Sager, Psychiatrist and Medical Director and Christina Mignon, Nurse Manager of the Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Unit at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

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