Leaving Toxic Relationships

leaving toxic relationship

Thinking about Leaving a Toxic Relationship?  In this podcast, clinical sociologist Amber Ault, author of The Five Step Exit, discusses how to leave a toxic partner.

Amber begins the discussion by describing the toxic partner:

“Partners who are toxic..are very inclined to do something we call intermittent reinforcement.  They are nice sometimes. Sometimes they are great or greater than great and other times they are more awful than awful.  If they were consistently awful, it would be much easier for people to exit quickly a cleanly.”

During this discussion, Amber clarifies the different personality disorders that are common in toxic partners such as narcissism, sociopaths and borderline personality disorders.  She then explores how these different disorders manifest in both the relationship and exit strategy for the partner.

Amber continues to tackle some of the most common questions about toxic relationships:

Why don’t people just leave?

How is emotional abuse different than physical abuse?

How do you know if you are the victim of emotional abuse?

What are some reasons people get into a relationship with a toxic person?

How does a toxic person keep their partner from leaving?

Amber concludes by outlining the 5 steps required to leave a toxic relationship and important things to consider along the way.


Clinical sociologist Amber Ault, author of Five Step Exit