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  1. Exploring Narcissism

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    When does the self-centered, self-absorbed person qualify as a clinically defined narcissistic personality? Can a narcissist be “cured”? How do you live with one? Can psychotherapy actually change a narcissist into a caring and compassionate person?

    Dick’s guests, Dr. Jim McGloin and Lesa Fischer, have 50 years combined experience in working with personality disordered patients, including narcissists. Dr. McGloin says that although only one percent of the population has narcissistic personality disorder, “there are many features of narcissism that many people have.”

    Meanwhile, Dr. Fischer cites the nine criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used to assess whether one has the disorder. Examples include grandiose sense of self and difficulty demonstrating a sense of empathy.

  2. Personality Disorders

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    What may the guilt-free criminal, the extreme narcissist and the functioning paranoid have in common? Dick’s guests, Dr. Jim McGloin and social worker Lesa Fischer, both of whom have 50 years of combined experience treating personality disorders, provide an outline to understanding this category of mental illness.