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  1. When Women Abuse Men

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    It happens more often than expected. Why does it happen? How often is it actually physical vs. emotional abuse?

    Dick’s guest is Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW, a sociologist, teacher, trainer, author and psychotherapist. Her areas of clinical expertise include personality disorders, the treatment of trauma, crisis intervention, and suicide risk assessment.



  2. Crimeless Parole Revocation

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    In some states, people who commit non-criminal parole violations return to prison in the same numbers as new criminal offenders. Why does this happen? Is it just? What changes are needed?

    Dick’s guest is Cecelia Klingele, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her numerous articles and areas of research focus on criminal justice administration and community supervision of those on conditional release, such as probation, parole or extended release.

    crimeless parole revocation

  3. Homelessness Solutions

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    About 3 million people will experience homelessness sometime during this year. 630,000 will be homeless tonight. What are some of the immediate and longterm solutions to end homelessness?

    Dick’s guests are Steve Schooler, Executive Director of Porchlight, Inc. and Matt Wachter, Housing Initiatives Specialist with the City of Madison Community Development Authority in Madison, Wisconsin.

    homelessness solutionshomelessness solutions