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  1. Travel Agencies in the 21st Century

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    Are there special advantages to using a travel agency? Does using a travel agent cost extra? Do travel agencies have deals not available through the online travel agencies? Is it sometimes cheaper to use a travel agent instead of doing it yourself? Do travel agent know inside information not available to public? What travel agent is right for your needs? Are travel agents particularly helpful when you re booking a cruise?

    Dick’s guest is Scott Mast, owner of the successful travel agency Burkhalter Travel.¬†Scott Mast is Chief Operating Officer and Owner of Burkhalter Travel, a multifaceted travel company. Burkhalter Travel provides services for Business Travel, Group Travel, Incentive Travel, Leisure Travel, and Group Tours. Burkhalter Travel was founded in 1959, and is proud to celebrate it’s 54th year of service.

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