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  1. Children of Addicts

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    11% of children in the United States are growing up in a household with an adult addict. These children are three times more likely to be addicts themselves as adults. How can children be protected from the negative consequences of living with an addict?

    Dick’s guest is Jack Gieche, LPC who has specialized in issues dealing with addiction, children and families.

    Jack Gieche, LPC and Roo

  2. Treating Addiction: An Alternative to 12 Step Recovery Programs

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    Dr. Michael Edelstein, Clinical Psychologist and Author of “Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”, joins Dick to discuss what he sees as shortcomings with 12 step programs and what he feels is a better alternative.

  3. Gambling Addiction

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    Is it a true addiction? Is the spread of casinos feeding this problem? Who is the troubled gambler? Is treatment effective?

    Dick’s guest, Keith Whyte, the director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, dispels several myths and explains the magnitude of this problem in the United States.

    “There’s a winning phase and a losing phase, and for most people, that’s it,” Whyte said. “For problem gamblers, there’s a losing phase and a desperation phase.”

  4. The 12 Steps and Addiction in America

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    How effective is the 12-step program in treating alcoholism and other addictions? When is the 12-step program not enough?

    Dick’s guest is Dr. Michael Miller, a board certified addiction psychiatrist who has practiced addiction medicine for 30 years. He is presently Director of Herrington Recovery Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wis., and is the past president of American Society of Addiction Medicine.