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  1. Retirement Center Depression and Loneliness

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    Coping with life changes as one ages is challenging and can lead to depression and loneliness, whether living independently or in a retirement center.

    Dick’s guest is Dr. Kathryn Betts Adams, a former associate professor of social work at Case Western Reserve University where she taught courses in social work practice, mental health, and aging. She now writes and consults about gerontology and mental health. Dr. Adams’ research interests include depression in later life and adaptations to aging and its potential stressors, including dementia caregiving, chronic illness, loneliness, and bereavement.

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  2. Lawyers and Depression

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    Why is the rate of suicide, addiction and depression among lawyers many times the societal norm?

    Dick’s guests are Ralph Cagle, former president of the Wisconsin Bar Association and former UW-Madison law professor and Dr. Gregory Van Rybroek, psychologist, lawyer and Director of Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison, Wisconsin

    lawyers and depression audio podcastlawyers and depression audio podcast