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What’s Wrong with Jails in America?

Why are jails overcrowded? Who are these inmates? What are the new promising alternatives to incarceration?

Dick’s guest is Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, who for the past seven years among other duties, has presided over a reduction of jail population from 1,300 down to 800. He serves on over twenty national, state and local task forces and committees, including one on mental health and the criminal justice system and another on disproportionate minority confinement. He is also National Secretary for The Major County Sheriffs Organization.

Mahoney describes the use of electronic monitoring bracelets that have helped reduce the jail population and have a 97 percent success rate against more crimes.


Cross-Cultural Conversations: Avoiding Blunders

Two University of Wisconsin-Madison therapists and teachers of multiculturalism help us learn how to be sensitive and more skilled when talking to people of different cultures, color or ethnicity. Psychologist Monika Gutkowska and social worker Amanda Ngola are Dick’s guests.


Understanding Homelessness

Who are the homeless? How many people are homeless in the United States? How did this happen? What can be done to fix this?

Dick’s guest, Steve Schooler, is a founder and Executive Director for the last 12 years of Porchlight Inc. Porchlight Inc. is an innovative and effective agency that has helped thousands of homeless people with both temporary and permanent solutions to homelessness.

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Attacking Social Problems

A new and successful model of philanthropy goes beyond just helping the disadvantaged to getting to the causes of social problems and creating permanent change. Leslie Howard, President of United Way of Dane County, discusses this cutting edge approach to making philanthropy more effective.


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