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Leaving Toxic Relationships

leaving toxic relationship

Thinking about Leaving a Toxic Relationship?  In this podcast, clinical sociologist Amber Ault, author of The Five Step Exit, discusses how to leave a toxic partner.

Amber begins the discussion by describing the toxic partner:

“Partners who are toxic..are very inclined to do something we call intermittent reinforcement.  They are nice sometimes. Sometimes they are great or greater than great and other times they are more awful than awful.  If they were consistently awful, it would be much easier for people to exit quickly a cleanly.”

During this discussion, Amber clarifies the different personality disorders that are common in toxic partners such as narcissism, sociopaths and borderline personality disorders.  She then explores how these different disorders manifest in both the relationship and exit strategy for the partner.

Amber continues to tackle some of the most common questions about toxic relationships:

Why don’t people just leave?

How is emotional abuse different than physical abuse?

How do you know if you are the victim of emotional abuse?

What are some reasons people get into a relationship with a toxic person?

How does a toxic person keep their partner from leaving?

Amber concludes by outlining the 5 steps required to leave a toxic relationship and important things to consider along the way.


Clinical sociologist Amber Ault, author of Five Step Exit

When to Divorce

when to divorce

When to divorce? With over half of marriages ending in divorce, are people too quick to call it quits? When should you work and fight for your marriage and when to divorce?

In this podcast,Dr. Jim McGloin, who has over 30 years of experience in couples counseling and Lesa Fischer, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker discuss the signs of a troubled marriage and what to do about it.

Dr. McGloin and Ms. Fisher begin the discussion by describing what divorce can mean:

“Sometimes divorce is a healthy and necessary step and can be turned into a healthy advantage.” But Ms. Fisher adds “they come in and think that they are ready for that divorce…with the advantage of taking some time for a pause with a therapist and some help, you can get the opportunity to evaluate whether or not that’s the right choice.”

This podcast explores:

What are some of the biggest tensions in most marriages?

Are there signs that a marriage is worth saving?

How do you know you are divorcing for the wrong reason?

What are the signs that divorce is the right decision?

Should you stay together for the kids?

While the question of when to divorce is far from clear-cut, this podcast outlines some key factors to consider before ending a marriage.


James F McGloin JR, PhD, LCSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Madison
James F. McGloin, PhD, Therapist


Invasive Parenting

Invasive parenting is more and more common in America. Why is it happening and how is it affecting these kids as they grow up?

Dick’s guest wrote the groundbreaking book “A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting.” Hara Estroff Marano is also editor-at-large of Psychology Today and author of many articles as well as a book on children’s mental health. #invasiveparenting #helicopterparents #resilience

Hara Estroff Marano ( Supplied )



Using Mediation Techniques in Everyday Life

How do you successfully resolve conflict at work, at home or anywhere? Good conflict resolution skills are crucial to good relationships.

Dick’s guests are Lisa and Harry Webne-Behrman, both senior partners at Collaborative Initiative Inc. and have helped hundreds of schools, businesses and non-profits build their conflict resolution skills within their organizations. Lisa is a senior psychologist with the University of Wisconsin Counseling Center. Harry has written many related manuals and is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.


Avoiding Mistakes in the Divorce Process

Two acclaimed divorce lawyers share classic mistakes clients often make during this emotionally charged process and how to avoid them.

Dick’s guests, Allan Koritzinsky and Daphne Webb, both share inclusion on “The Best Divorce Lawyers in America” list as well as a combined 80 years of divorce law experience.


Long Distance Relationships

photoWhy is the number of these types of relationships growing? What are the challenges? What are some of the advantages?

Dick’s guest, Margery Wang, having just completed her doctoral dissertation on this subject at The Wright Institute, shares her recent findings. #longdistancerelationships #UWMadison



How important is friendship to your happiness? What is a good friendship? How do you cultivate a healthy friendship network?

Dick’s guest, Patricia Clason is an author, lecturer and Director of The Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over 5,000 people have taken her workshops in personal growth and development.


211: Call for Help

211 is nationwide, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is there to help with many of life’s problems that are not immediate emergencies.

Dick’s guests are Burlie Williams, Director of 211 in Dane County, Wisconsin and her boss, Kathy Martinson, who shepherded this line from “First Call for Help” to being a part of the nationwide 211 system. They explain how 211 works and who it is helping.