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Who is authentic? How do they become so? Is being a phony the opposite? What are the benefits of being authentic to the person, their friends and colleagues as they become more authentic?

Dick’s guest is Barbara Hummel who has led workshops for 12 years for the Center for Courage & Renewal. She is also the former director of the Madison Area Quality Improvement Network, which helped businesses and organizations improve their quality and systems thinking.


Hospital Ethics

How do those tough decisions about end of life or caretaker conflicts get decided in large hospitals? What if the parents’ religious beliefs are in conflict with proper medical protocols concerning their own child? These issues are often dealt with by hospital ethics boards. Father Patrick Norris, a hospital chaplain and lecturer on hospital ethics, is Dick’s guest.

“Most (hospital) ethics committees are advisory,” Norris said. “Ultimately the physicians, families and patients make those (difficult) decisions.”

In cases in which parents refuse treatment for their child, the question comes up, why are they refusing? Is it religious belief? Is it a conflict of what the burden vs. benefit would be? Is it a misunderstanding of the diagnosis?


The $15 Minimum Wage

Would a $15 an hour minimum wage end all poverty among those who work? How would it affect unemployment, inflation and profits? Where does the Earned Income Tax Credit fit in all this? Would this reduce inequality in the U.S.?

Former director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty and widely published expert on poverty in America, Dr. Bob Haveman, is Dick’s guest.


Business Ethics in the Real World

Are altruism and the selfish motivation of maximizing profits incompatible in the real world?

Dr. Denis Collins, author and professor of business at Edgewood College in Madison, Wis., returns for part two of this subject.

“In business, you really do apply the same principles (of personal ethics), so there’s this clear overlap between personal life and business life,” Collins said. “At the same time, business has a whole bunch of issues that a lot of people don’t face in their personal life.”

In case you missed it, here’s part one of Dr. Denis Collins’ interview on business ethics.


Why Teach Business Ethics in College?

Do ethics affect behavior in the business world? How are business ethics different from maximizing profits within the law?

Dick’s guest, Dr. Denis Collins, has written several books on business ethics and is a professor of business at Edgewood College in Madison, Wis.

“A lot of times, economics and ethics go hand-in-hand,” Collins said. “Organizations that are the most ethical … in the long term out-perform the unethical organizations.”

Don’t forget to listen to part two of Dr. Denis Collins’ interview on business ethics.


The “Good” Divorce

While divorce always involves loss, stress and pain, there are techniques and ideas that can buffer these issues, as well as make a favorable long term outcome more likely. Psychologist, researcher and lecturer Dr. Ken Waldron shares his experience and knowledge from 30 years in this field.


Drug and Alcohol Use Among Young Adults

How common is binge drinking? How problematic is marijuana and other drug use at this age? When does recreational use of drugs and alcohol slide into abuse? What treatments are most helpful?

Dick’s guest Shelly Dutch has 28 years of experience helping this population. She is the Founder and Director of Connections Counseling, a large private agency that focuses on young adults struggling with addiction.

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Loving Your Job, Even When You Don’t Like It

How to find meaning and joy in your present position. Dick’s guest is Dr. Lynn Johnson, lecturer, psychologist and author of “Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness” shares tips from his recent publication “I Hate My Job He Said”.

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Effective Couples Counseling

All couples have their struggles but when is help from a couples counselor in order? Dick explores what techniques effective counselors use and how to know if your counselor is right or wrong for you.

Dick’s guest, Dr. Don Ferguson is the author of the book “Reptiles in Love” and has been counseling couples for 30 years. He also teaches marriage counseling at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin.


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