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Workplace Bias

How can unconscious workplace bias affect decision making with employers and coworkers? Is there a way to make ourselves less biased or unbiased?

Dick’s guest is Deborah Vaughn Biddle, founder of High Performance Development Solutions LLC and is also a diversity and inclusion corporate consultant.

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Travel Agencies in the 21st Century

Are there special advantages to using a travel agency? Does using a travel agent cost extra? Do travel agencies have deals not available through the online travel agencies? Is it sometimes cheaper to use a travel agent instead of doing it yourself? Do travel agent know inside information not available to public? What travel agent is right for your needs? Are travel agents particularly helpful when you re booking a cruise?

Dick’s guest is Scott Mast, owner of the successful travel agency Burkhalter Travel. Scott Mast is Chief Operating Officer and Owner of Burkhalter Travel, a multifaceted travel company. Burkhalter Travel provides services for Business Travel, Group Travel, Incentive Travel, Leisure Travel, and Group Tours. Burkhalter Travel was founded in 1959, and is proud to celebrate it’s 54th year of service.

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Renting Your Place on Airbnb


Renting on airbnb is becoming more popular by the day.  In this podcast, Scott Shatford, a consultant on this subject, author of The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook: Secrets to Making Six-Figures as a Rentalpreneur and owner of 10 units he rents out on Airbnb lets you in on the secrets to renting your place on airbnb.

“Really anybody who owns or rents a home can join the sharing  economy by renting out their place” Scott says.  “It will be the next wave of how people will travel and people will want unique accommodations where they are going and people are going to become tired of the same stale experiences that hotels provide. ”

Because the home-sharing market is becoming increasingly competitive, renters have to be strategic when listing their property.  Having rented 10 of his own properties on airbnb, Scott has learned the ins and outs of home sharing and joins this podcast to share some of his recommendations with you.

This podcast will explore:

  • The work involved in listing a property on airbnb
  • How to convey quality and safety in your listing
  • What to expect from renters
  • Other home-sharing website
  • Differences bewteen airbnb and other websites
  • Costs of listing your property
  • How to get your place airbnb ready
  • Common pricing on airbnb


renting your place on airbnb




Using Mediation Techniques in Everyday Life

How do you successfully resolve conflict at work, at home or anywhere? Good conflict resolution skills are crucial to good relationships.

Dick’s guests are Lisa and Harry Webne-Behrman, both senior partners at Collaborative Initiative Inc. and have helped hundreds of schools, businesses and non-profits build their conflict resolution skills within their organizations. Lisa is a senior psychologist with the University of Wisconsin Counseling Center. Harry has written many related manuals and is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.


Timeshare 101 with Lisa Ann Schreier

What are the pitfalls, risks and benefits of buying a timeshare? What is it like on the other side of the timeshare transaction?

Dick’s guest is Lisa Ann Schreier,  founder of Timeshare Insights, a consumer consulting company serving the more than 3 million Americans who attend a timeshare sales presentation or “pitch” annually, as well as the more than 4 million Americans who already own one or more timeshares. She is the author of two best-selling books on timeshare – “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation—Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies” Both books have been a hit with consumers who are confused and angered by the industry’s outdated sales and marketing techniques.


Non-Profit Do’s and Don’ts

Do the same management principles that apply to a for-profit also apply to running a non-profit? What are the most common mistakes to avoid? What are the “must do’s” for non-profit success?

Dick’s guest Boris Frank has 50 years of experience consulting non-profits,  including 25 years of teaching non-profit management and fundraising for the University of Wisconsin system. He recently help write and teach a new course on running non-profits for Madison College.