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White Privilege

What is it? Why is it important for white people to understand it?

Dick’s guests are Harold Gates who is on faculty at Madison College and the founder of the Midwest Center for Cultural Competence and Reverend Michael Schuler who is the Senior Minister at the First Unitarian Society in Madison, Wisconsin and teaches a course he authored about white privilege.

Harold Gates
Reverend Michael Schuler

Re-Entry After Incarceration

The odds of going back to jail or prison are high. What are the obstacles, struggles and even injustices facing someone trying to go straight? How many of the 700,000 annually released will make it? What is needed to better their prospects?

Dick’s guests are Jerome Dillard, Jail Re-Entry Coordinator for the Dane County Jail in Madison, Wisconsin and who was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award for his work with re-entry 19 years after he himself was released from prison, and Linda Ketcham, Executive Director of the Madison Area Urban Ministry, a non-profit that has for many years and through several programs helped ex-offenders successfully return to the community.



The Problem with Rich Kids

Children of affluent parents have emotional problems that are the result of their upwardly mobile existence.

Dick’s guest, psychologist and author Dr. Suniya Luthar,  discusses her research on the mental health of children of the affluent that she also shared in the Psychology Today article “The Problem with Rich Kids.”  Dr. Luthar is Foundation Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University and Professor Emerita, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Suniya S. Luthar, Ph.D.



Fixing the Achievement Gap

Minorities are often 2 years behind in math and reading by 4th grade. How did this happen? What are the most efficacious remedies to close this gap?

Dick’s guests, Deedra Atkinson, Vice President of Community Impact and Strategy for the United Way and Keetra Burnette, Senior Director of Community Impact and Strategy for the United way in Madison, Wisconsin and former COO of the Madison Urban League and past President of the Madison Network of Black Professionals, explore the results of studies and experiments to reveal what works if we are willing to invest in these fixes.


Life Coaching

How effective is it in improving people’s lives and their happiness? How is it different from psychotherapy? How do you find the best life coach for you?

Dick’s guest is Darcy Luoma, a life coach and the head instructor at the only Life Coaching Certificate Program in the midwest certified by the International Coaching Federation, of which she is also a board member.


LGBTQ and Beyond

Cabell Hankinson GathmanGabe Javier

Lines between these categories of sexuality are not always clear and sometimes even fluid. Also, there are sexualities even beyond LGBTQ.

Dick’s guests, Gabe Javier, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the LGBT Campus Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Cabell Gathman, Lecturer in Sociology at UW-Madison and Chair of bi and pansexual advocacy group Wisconsin 521 both help to expand on our knowledge of sexuality and gender identification.


Micro-Aggressions Against African Americans

The daily racial slights, remarks and insulting behavior that “nice people” inflict on African Americans, usually without even knowing it.

Dick’s guests are Everett Mitchell, Director of Community Relations at UW-Madison and Senior Pastor at Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church, Annette Miller, Emerging Markets Community Development Manager at Madison Gas & Electric and past President of the Urban League of Greater Madison and Wes Sparkman, Contract Compliance Office for Dane County and a Commissioner on the Madison Police and Fire Commission.


Invasive Parenting

Invasive parenting is more and more common in America. Why is it happening and how is it affecting these kids as they grow up?

Dick’s guest wrote the groundbreaking book “A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting.” Hara Estroff Marano is also editor-at-large of Psychology Today and author of many articles as well as a book on children’s mental health. #invasiveparenting #helicopterparents #resilience

Hara Estroff Marano ( Supplied )



Coping with Stress Successfully

Why do some people cope better with stress than others? The right techniques can go a long way to reducing stress.

Dick’s guest, Rob Sepich has helped more than 3,000 students over the last twenty years to better manage their stress through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Counseling Center and has presented over 1,000 workshops and seminars on this topic.

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